Recording SKY

lythande1, Mar 7, 1:51pm
All the sky boxes you can record with now. Although recording one channel while at the same time watch another you do need the upgraded box.

But then with all you have the On demand now. So why bother?

But if you must, then just buy a dvd recorder and hook it in

fxx99, Mar 7, 2:29pm
I don't want to pay for the rental of MySky box, that is why I am asking and want to record programmes while I am out.

suicidemonkey, Mar 7, 3:58pm
Not legally. But if you really want to save the 50 cents per day that MySky costs, try Googling your question.

gyrogearloose, Mar 7, 5:05pm
I used to run Windows XP Media Centre Edition with a capture card that had an S-video input from the Sky decoder - there was a particular Sky decoder that had an S-video output. Gave it up when we got a MySky box, and then gave up on Sky altogether.

The recordings were good, and it was possible but a pain in the butt to convert them from MPEG-TS and burn them to DVD.

hakatere1, Mar 10, 12:58pm
I am really happy, but I have never missed sky at all. I only had it for the S
Rugby, Nothing else. Netball, boring, Cricket, boring, never watched a movie. The after match speeches are cringeworthy. I'm sure Richie is a lovely guy, but he can't make a speech to save him self. These people all speak the same language.

suicidemonkey, Mar 10, 11:13pm
Not sure how that's applicable

mr-word, 4 days, 12 hours

Then you can use an HDMI capture device.

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