Gimp: select foreground colour

trade4us2, Mar 25, 11:19am
I want to select a colour from a colour chart, but can't find one.
No I don't want to pick a colour that is already in the picture, I want a NEW colour.
Is there not a menu where I can pick a colour, like any sensible editor that I used to have 20 years ago?

trade4us2, Mar 25, 11:25am
At the moment I have Gimp open with my picture. There is nothing else on the screen. How do I get all the tools and toolbars and whatnot on the screen? Why is that not the default?

king1, Mar 25, 11:45am
dockable dialogues

I guess its setup like this so you can customise the layout just the way you like it. Its a bit clunky but it works

trade4us2, Mar 25, 11:52am
Single window mode looks useful.

zak410, Jan 4, 8:16am
From menu, Windows, Dockable dialogs, Colors ?

Oops, just read #3 !

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