Couple printer questions ?

kevlight, Sep 2, 10:39am
have a laser Brother H L 2140 i have topped up the black powered ink container ,and although it prints okay its faint not dark like it used to be ,is there any other container in the printer that i need to top up or is there another reason is printing fainter than it used too ,thanks

mrfxit, Sep 2, 12:09pm

fertman, Sep 2, 12:28pm
Have had two hl 2140 printers. Both did this with cartridges brought refilled and ones I refilled from bulk bottles. Basically I had a very light gray background and darker gray print. Changed drum in one, no different.

loud_37, Sep 2, 2:44pm
What did you top it up with? what brand?

kevlight, Sep 13, 11:01pm
thanks for that info mrfixit , i followed the advice on the link you sent ,marvelous,,! it twas the dust on the scanner inside the printer just above the cartridge , cleaned it off with a lens cleaning cloth ,,all good now . thanks again .Kev

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