Wifi for a crib or similar

mamacass, Dec 21, 3:48pm
hi i am looking for a wifi system that i can use for at my crib but wont use all the time is there anything like that -user pays type thing

mr-word, Dec 21, 3:56pm
Probably this is ideal. A wireless 4G connection which you could tether to a mobile phone. All internet is userpays.

king1, Dec 21, 4:00pm
do you have a smart phone you could use as a hot spot

mamacass, Dec 21, 10:02pm
no i only have a basic phone

mamacass, Dec 21, 10:04pm
thanks but when i typed in the address it stated no coverage in my area

vtecintegra, Dec 22, 6:46am
Is there mobile phone coverage?

johotech, Dec 22, 7:56am

gammelvind, Dec 22, 8:05am
If you have no cellphone coverage in your area you are pretty much stuffed, unless you want to front up with lots of cash for a satellite phone.

lythande1, Dec 22, 8:13am
Crib? Babies have wifi now?

ross1970, Dec 22, 8:40am
Yip one of those weird south island words you have to deal with when you come down here.
It's a bach but sometimes you just have to humour the locals.

vtecintegra, Dec 22, 9:35am
Not having Skinny Broadband coverage doesn?

mamacass, Dec 22, 9:43am
crib = bach

mark119, Dec 22, 3:56pm
Nah, its a card game

nice_lady, Dec 22, 4:42pm
No that's Cribbage.

guyh, 6 days, 8 hours
Can tell someone has not been south of Drury. Do you not know NZ does not stop 15km from the Auckland CBD?

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