Office 2007 home n student licences

springgrove, May 3, 12:16pm
Office 2007 Home edition on 2 pc's now 1 version has stopped working. It says 3 pc's can have it installed at one time. I have the product key and the original disk. If I uninstall from 1 computer will it be available for use on the other. Also is there anywhere to tell how many times it has been installed. Thanks

black-heart, May 3, 2:36pm
With the latest office the key is tied to a microsoft account, I can't remember if that started over 10 years ago though.

namtak, May 4, 5:34pm
Stop playing Microsucks game and find a volume license version? Alternatively get the latest version of Libre Office which is free.

black-heart, May 4, 5:42pm
For most home users a free office product is quite suitable. Rather than going the "finding pirated software thats not riddled with malware" route.

d.snell, Dec 6, 7:04am
wouldn't it be great if people would just answer your question instead of puffing and blowing their alternative opinions.
I'm not sure why your Office stopped working, but 1st choice is to install it over itself from the CD (Do NOT UNINSTALL EXISTING VERSION) and see if it offers to repair itself. If it doesn't the just do an install.
As far as the licences are concerned I suspect MS doesn't hold them in their database any more but if the do and it's showing as being all used, then use the alternative telephone activation process and indicate that you have removed and are reinstalling the software.

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