Pop up adds on cell phone

mike16, Jun 13, 9:01am
I have a Samsung S8.
I keep getting pop up adds for "Spark" and "Stuff" and a few others I think that I take no notice of so can't remember the names.
I did have a Stuff app running. I deleted that and no change.
I've never belonged to Spark, other than Skinny, and don't know where they came from.
Help to delete these please . thanks . Mike

black-heart, Jun 13, 9:14am
look at the list of apps you have installed and remove the ones you know are ad supported. Make sure you have uninstalled the stuff app, not just removed it from the home screen
Settings > apps will show all the installed ones. the most likely culprits are free games, or ones that are listed as free / ad supported in the playstore.

nice_lady, Jun 13, 9:20am
pop up ads ? Where ? When ?
In the browser ?
On the phone itself just randomly ?
More info would be helpful.

mike16, Jun 13, 9:59am
Thx . I did uninstall the Stuff app prior to my query but it still came up. I've never had Spark other than Skinny. Thx, Bheart.
Nice lady . just random pop ups . mostly when I open the phone to home page. I din't use the browser.

peanuts37, Jun 13, 10:08am
Is it a NZ new phone bought at a proper shop and not an importer or China and is it genuine Samsung or knock off.

mike16, Jun 13, 3:01pm
Yep . S8 bought on a plan thru 2 Degrees

fisherman118, Nov 8, 3:01am
Go in to 2 Degree's the good people their will do it for you.

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