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intrade, Jan 21, 8:40am
Wotch Serpentza he just made another video about dji mavic the woman is his wive and his vids are quite good .
On YouTube search Serpentza dji mavic

hoss2, Nov 26, 8:40am
The Xiaomi mi drone can

event_horizon_1, Nov 26, 11:04am
If you haven't seen it already I thought this was pretty cool,

vtecintegra, Nov 26, 11:09am

boby11, Nov 26, 11:41am
I can see a white big drone stuck up a tree nearby ,its been there or a few weeks,the wind has not knocked it down yet

suicidemonkey, Nov 26, 2:13pm
this thread is a year old

tegretol, Nov 27, 6:46pm
And we are all a year older!

5425, Nov 27, 9:14pm
I and my mate have both flown over 50 hours each of dji 3 Standard without any damage to either , mostly at the same time. We set our range at 300m and 40m high. at his farm. Using the fishing drops via more pages on the dji pre -4 app. we have alway caught fish only going 200m. @30m. off shore.
The drones will do 3 casts + per battery.

5425, Nov 27, 9:17pm
. If you have read the terms and Conditions of the latest upgrade , DJI own all images and can ? .

suicidemonkey, Nov 27, 9:23pm
No different to Facebook, Google, Instagram, whatever. They all say "we own your content" to a certain extent. But it's highly unlikely they'll actually use it.

As for DJI, I fly my P4P using a device that doesn't connect to the internet. so dunno how they're gonna get my photos/video anyway.

5425, Nov 27, 9:27pm
There are plenty of second hand drones for sale on trademe.
It is a bit of luck to find any honest pre-owned trader of Drones.
Why are they for sale , usually crashed , but not from a great height , due to having no area to practice = good buy. . Some are still are reasonably working correctly , but due to ? pressure others to buy a upgraded model rather than argue as this will fly. When these crash not from a great height = good buy.

5425, Nov 27, 9:30pm

So how did this device download the DJI app.? needed a connection then .
So you have turned it off?.

suicidemonkey, Nov 27, 9:42pm
Yes, obviously

5425, Nov 27, 9:50pm
For posters reading this , they must realise , there are actions as owners of such devices/toys , must do to self protect from whom which many don't believe they need to do , eg disconnect.

suicidemonkey, Nov 27, 9:55pm
. righto

5425, Nov 27, 9:56pm
You obviously turn off the GPS as well .?

mark119, Nov 27, 10:13pm
Best to check to see if you need to comply with any red tape as well, check here: https://www.airways.co.nz/who-we-work-with/uav-industry/

suicidemonkey, Nov 27, 10:17pm
Why would I do that?

5425, Nov 27, 10:19pm
Truth is , if you have plenty of room to practice eg 2-4 hectares and not many trees any DJI drone will do as a the flying platform , the quality of camera is the next criteria and is fun. The Fishing drop works via led lights that need a phone with these capabilities . They claim 4.1? + but not all work.
You must use a DJI app to start so data is needed then . Any firmware also needs data .
These are amasing toys so enjoy, but just remember , software owners own all images and flight records.

5425, Nov 27, 10:21pm
Flight records.

suicidemonkey, Nov 27, 10:30pm

5425, Nov 27, 10:36pm
yes . if you believe your GPS is not offered as part of terms and conditions read it again . they own everything or you cant download app.
If you fly can without GPS always you are better than me ?

suicidemonkey, Nov 27, 10:48pm
Well, I've flown drones since before the first Phantom came out in 2012. And I flew RC planes/helis for 10-15 years prior to that.

I also fly drones daily as a part of my job.

So, yeah. I'll pass on the misguided advice. No offense. I just know what I'm doing.

Thanks though.

5425, Nov 27, 10:49pm
This is the Phone list DJI recommend to fly their toys;

5425, Nov 27, 10:59pm
Good , hopefully you may help others with purchasing DJI toys that may need help . Firstly a phone is needed with data , then only for firmware updates? .

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