How to?

sky44, May 7, 10:25am
I want to make a copy of a lotto winning ticket of mine which I bought on line. I tried to copy and paste but it doesn't seem to work.Is it because of security reasons or what?

just_looking_, May 7, 11:03am
Can you not take a screenshot? (i.e. Snipping Tool)

black-heart, May 7, 11:14am

sky44, May 7, 11:37am
I followed this and it is still not working properly. I'm only getting a partial copy of what I want

peanuts37, May 7, 11:40am
I use this for photos, has a very good screen capture feature also.

r.g.nixon, May 7, 11:48am
Print it and photograph it.

sky44, May 7, 12:17pm
I wish not at home no printer no camera

lythande1, May 7, 1:00pm
ALT key plus PRTSCRN key.
The save.

sky44, May 7, 1:51pm
Tried that

daves, May 7, 1:59pm
Just press the PRINTSCREEN button by it's self then open "Paint" and paste.

nice_lady, May 7, 2:24pm
No cellphone with camera either ?

king1, May 7, 2:47pm
send the ticket to nice_lady, she would be happy to copy it for you :)

king1, May 7, 2:53pm
yours isn't a laptop where you also need to hold down the function key to access PRTSC, so ALT FN PRTSC, although I usually do CTRL FN PRTSC

and then paste into word or paint etc

sky44, May 7, 3:16pm
You are not going to believe this left charger at home.

sky44, Dec 4, 8:47pm
Nothing is working for me I'm convinced computers are males.Thank you all for trying to help.I have a neighbour coming to help with a water problem on the farm so I will get him to take a photo and email it to me.

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