fifie, Sep 5, 7:01pm
Oldie here, please tell me what are the advantages of me getting a wireless modem. Spark want me to change over modems, I haven't a clue what the go is. Do I need to get fibre installed.
At the mo I have unlimited BB, run a desktop for Mr, have phones tablet, laptop and tv all going good on old modem. Is it spark trying to up grade us and get rid of copper.

ross1970, Sep 5, 7:10pm
You have a device capable of wifi now if your phones laptop etc are connected. Stay on copper unless you can get fibre in your area. yeah Spark just trying to get you off copper.

ratmax1, Sep 5, 7:38pm
changed to wireless three months ago cheaper slightly faster there's no copper or fiber just plug into any power point in the house and its ready to go.

nice_lady, Sep 5, 7:47pm
Yeah what I think the OP is talking about is sparks "wireless broadband".
So the confusion starts.

OP as stated you do already have a modem which has 'wireless' capability - in that it broadcasts a local wifi signal which your various devices can connect to.

This modem connects to the internet through a cable to your house and gets an adsl signal.

What spark are trying to sell you is a differ connection type where they lose the wired connection to the house and send you a modem which connects to CELL tower signals.

r.g.nixon, Sep 5, 7:49pm
Not enough info. Are you saying that the internet gets to your house via long-distance wifi? If so, it will be typically slower and more expensive than other options.

ross1970, Sep 5, 8:48pm
Everyones case will be different. I get much better speed here still on vdsl ( 65/28 ) than I can get on 4G , also without the congestion issues, so I'll wait for fibre.

fifie, Sep 5, 9:28pm
yes we have WiFi now, we have fibre in the street, maybe i should be getting that hooked up instead.

muppet_slayer, Sep 5, 9:59pm
We were going to stay on copper but took the plunge and went fibre because it came to our back door step. They (vodafone) upgraded our modem to take fibre. The install was very professional and painless, we are on a better deal now and cheaper than when we were on copper. Downloading is fast now with fibre.

ross1970, Sep 5, 10:30pm
Absolutely get fibre if it's available and the price suits you.

tmg, Sep 7, 7:45pm
Yep -- wireless here -- Spark dont do unlimited on 4G though -- from memory the offer was 60 & 120 plans -- wireless phones too -- which makers the copper wiring redundant

Very happy -- no hard wiring / BB cabling / fibre required

The only thing is it works as long as there is Power - so recommended that have a charged cellphone in case power fails - medic alerts & the old style faxes are not possible either

In terms of speed in places better than BB - generally very reliable -- think have only had to reboot 4G modem a couple of times in 5 months

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