Laptop opening up multiple tabs

jandalsnz1, Feb 14, 2:31pm
I have a 3 year old Asics laptop and when I open it up it randomly starts opening up multiple tabs (about 20) of various things, e.g. chrome, and other various things I haven't even opened up. Don't know whether its a keyboard - can't even backup anything to save at the moment. Any help would be appreciated thanks - not sure whether it's work getting it repaired or replacing it with a new one.

suicidemonkey, Feb 14, 2:44pm
Asics is a shoe brand, FYI :P

What exactly is it opening?

nice_lady, Feb 14, 3:05pm
try cleaning the keyboard there might be some crap stuck in there

jandalsnz1, Feb 15, 8:37am
What do you mean by a shoe brand? When I click on Chrome to open it opens up about 20 chrome tabs and then other multiple tabs randomly that I haven't even clicked on

r.g.nixon, Feb 15, 8:42am
Try Safe Mode

nice_lady, Feb 15, 9:32am
Asics is not any computer brand it is a shoe brand. Anyway that's irrelevant. Try a different mouse.

Also you said: "can't even backup anything to save at the moment"
Why ?

jandalsnz1, Feb 15, 10:11am
Can't back up because as soon as I click on anything all the random tabs open up

nice_lady, Feb 15, 10:15am
What's that got to do with backing anything up ?
Anyway have you tried a different mouse ?
As it's a laptop do you normally use just the touch pad ? If so try a mouse ?
If you normally use a mouse try unpluggin that and use the touch pad. Report back.

jandalsnz1, Feb 15, 11:53am
Thanks will try that don't use the touch pad as it hasn't been any good since day one

hakatere1, Feb 21, 4:11am
Tried a different browser?

korbo, Feb 22, 6:19pm
had a few troubles a while ago. bought a new mouse, and still my problem is happening.

nice_lady, Jan 22, 5:53pm
That's nice.

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