Any recommendation for a new desktop PC

jack47, Sep 2, 5:01pm
Hi, I want to buy a desktop PC. Will be used for internet etc and CAD.
Also a bit of casual gaming. Our all- in -one is too slow . for CAD and not upgradeable.
Can you still buy the old tower style PCs that can be upgraded? I will probably need a new graphics card and may increase RAM?
Any help or suggestions most appreciated. cheers.

suicidemonkey, Sep 2, 5:03pm
Yeah "old style" PCs are still a thing. Shops like Computer Lounge do custom builds and would be a good bet if you don't know how to do it yourself.

To give any kind of useful recommendation we'd need more info though:

- What's your budget?
- What sort of gaming?
- Does your CAD software require a professional video card like a Quadro?

r.g.nixon, Sep 2, 6:29pm
Onboard graphics are surprisingly powerful these days.

lythande1, Sep 2, 6:46pm
Brand on the box means nothing.
Brand of components inside it mean everything.
Go to Playtech or ComputerLounge if you know nothing about the components and what is quality.

suicidemonkey, Sep 2, 6:50pm
For sure. But for anything more than the most casual of gaming, nah. Especially if it's a dual purpose CAD+gaming machine.

jack47, Sep 2, 7:17pm
Thanks for the help.
Budget up to $1000.00 (incl monitor)
Games, Flight Simulator X, Unreal, Fallout.
CAD is Turbocad V20

suicidemonkey, Sep 2, 7:28pm
Best bet is to give Computer Lounge a buzz and let them know your budget, they'll recommend something to suit.

Worth noting it'll be tough to put together a decent system with monitor for $1k. It's doable by sticking with lower end components, and you wouldn't get a graphics card. $1500 would do it.

ianab, Sep 13, 8:06pm
Yeah, under $1,000 for a game machine is going to be pushing things (or cutting some corners) $1500 is more realistic once you add in a nice monitor / graphics card etc.

If you are stuck with that budget, you could do it with a used (ex lease) business machine which should cost ~$500 for a good i5 minitower, with enough case space and power supply to take an upgrade.

Then you have $250 for a new GTX1050 graphics card, $200 for a nice monitor, and you have a machine that will do what you need. The 1050 card should run off a standard desktop PC power supply.

Listing 1747724014 would be the sort of thing.

Wont be top of the line gaming, but it will waste your current all in one.

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