eddiedean1, May 11, 1:57pm
I keep getting this error message on my printer - "PC LOAD LETTER" - I had a case of the mondays the other day and almost took a baseball bat to it. Please help it's driving me insane

gyrogearloose, May 11, 2:02pm
It's asking you to load "Letter" size paper into the printer tray.

The legal profession often uses "Letter" size paper, but it's more common to use "A4" size. I'm thinking that when you selected the print option, or in the document page size, you've chosen the wrong size paper. Change the page size to "A4" or in the print dialogue select "A4".

You might need to clear the print queue to get rid of the document(s) wanting "Letter" size paper.

eddiedean1, Dec 2, 1:15am
Cheers mate. It's so vague. I worked at Initech for a bit and they often had the same problem

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