intrade, Jul 24, 9:50pm
why it dont performs

mark.p, Jul 24, 10:23pm
You'll still get those that will be in denial.

suicidemonkey, Jul 24, 11:16pm
Even though it's not ideal, it's good to see high performance CPUs making it into such a small package. Sign of good things to come hopefully even if this gen is having teething issues.

intrade, Jul 25, 11:40am
Lol teething issues it gotten worse with every new model. Did you eaven watch what Luis Rossman stated. He also has a good video on delusional moron apple fanboys. I hope you learnd something.

mark.p, Jul 25, 11:50am
They're still shipping products with the butterfly keys. There are a number of class action law suites outstanding about that. Of course its only a "small" number of users that are having issues according to Apple.

suicidemonkey, Jul 25, 1:18pm
They've put a 6 core CPU that can clock to 4.9GHz in a tiny unibody laptop. It's simple physics, of course it's going to get hot. Any Windows manufacturer would have the same problem unless they stuck it in a giant gaming laptop with adequate cooling. The fact is it still outperforms the i7 in most tasks. Credit where credit is due - it's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction for high-end hardware in small laptops.

The delusional anti-Windows anti-Apple people like you are just as bad as the fanboys.

And for clarification, I own nothing Apple.

mark.p, Jul 25, 3:36pm

mark.p, Jul 25, 5:07pm

mark.p, Oct 6, 7:57am
Think different

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