Hello. Phone tv remote

blackdotlova, Feb 15, 11:10am
is anyone using a iphone 7 as a tv remote,if so what app.

azza20, Feb 16, 9:28pm
sony tv have an app but it works over network so the best phone I ever had for a remote was a LG G series with infrared built in, could control almost any device tv stereo, dvd player, projector, air con units everything.
Loved being able to turn the volume up on the pub tv when watching sport.

peanuts37, Feb 16, 11:49pm
Iv'e got a Lenovo with ir blaster, good fun at someones place changing channels, volume on tv or switching AC to hot or cold. You have to know them very well to leave breathing though once the secrets out.

vtecintegra, Jan 27, 1:18am
Unless the manufacturer provides an app it isn?

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