Needing help to change a passwoed on a cell fone

freesia, Jul 25, 10:08pm
I recently capitulated and bought son and heir a mobile fone. it is a cheapie called a Mobiwire. amazing what it can do though for a $40 fone. Son and heir hates it and won't use it at all. problem is, he has put a password on it and cannot remember what he chose. So I need to rectify the problem. Can anyone help?

peanuts37, Jul 25, 10:27pm
Unless you remember the password this is the only way. Will reset to out of box state and erase everything.

freesia, Jul 25, 10:36pm
Thanks peanuts. I have watched it now and unfortunately the fone we have is different to the one in the video, ours doesn't have those buttons on the side.

freesia, Jul 25, 10:45pm
It would appear our fone is a Sakari

peanuts37, Oct 6, 7:50am

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