Screwdriver that will open portable drive

zevion, May 8, 5:11pm
Trying to fix beeping drive (2TB expansion Seagate) want to open it up - all good unscrewing the small screws then theres one in the middle left and its not a star screw like the others. Its a five leaf clover design and I can't find a screwdriver that will fit it. Any ideas? Know where I can get one?

aprilguy, May 8, 5:39pm

suicidemonkey, May 8, 5:53pm
Worth noting that hard drives don't beep. A high pitched sound that resembles a beep is usually a sign of an abnormal drive. Run a SMART scan - if it's faulty, chuck it out.

Also opening a hard drive case (to reveal the platter) outside of a dust-free environment can cause massive issues.

loud_37, May 8, 7:11pm
As above, if you open it up I don't think it will go again.

aprilguy, May 8, 7:29pm
I think the screw just opens the external case, no harm in looking in there surely.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 7:31pm
The plastic enclosure is fine, but the screws described by the OP sound like what is generally used on the HDD itself. The plastic enclosures are usually just held together by internal clips.

aktow, May 8, 8:07pm
look on trademe and buy computer screwdrivers, they do come in handy,. also on youtube there are plenty of video's that show you how to fix a beeping hard drive, i had a 2TB expansion Seagate and it stuffed out after only using it about a month, it was beeping but it had a small crack in the disc so it was buggered.

aktow, May 8, 8:10pm
not by all the video's on youtube. they all beeped and once opened showed the swing arm was stuck half way,,, it was an easy fix,

suicidemonkey, May 8, 8:13pm
Good luck. One spec of dust on the platter and you've got huge issues. They manufacture hard drives in giant dust-free clean rooms for a reason.

Although I guess if the drive isn't working anyway you've got nothing to lose.

bill1451, May 8, 9:33pm
yup, once you open that HD she,s gone burger, these units are assembled in a laboratory thats probably more dust free than an operating theatre for brain surgery.Uses for these, great rare earth magnets, use the platter as a mirror,
or hang in the garden for a bird scarer.

event_horizon_1, May 8, 9:57pm
The magnets can't be that rare if they are in cheap mechanical hard drives by the millions.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 9:59pm
Probably not rare but they're daaaamn strong magnets.

bill1451, May 8, 10:05pm
ok thats what they are called,
or (not sure how its spelt) neodinyum or something like that, they use them in those utube "free energy" videos where they hide the button cell batterys.

mrfxit, Dec 3, 2:49am
Exactly .

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