Fiber installed where does phone plug in?

kinevil, Jul 23, 4:52pm
my father has had fiber installed today they left the
phone is still plugged into the old phone jack on the wall, i have fiber and my phone is plugged onto the fiber modem thing with the flashing lights, whats right ?

vtecintegra, Jul 23, 5:02pm
Depends on your ISP

farwest, Jul 23, 5:02pm
It plugs into the modem. That is, if he has a plan with a home phone option. Is his phone working?

mark.p, Jul 23, 5:05pm
Leave it in the old plug if it works.

kinevil, Jul 23, 5:06pm
Yes he has a plan with trustpower for phone, internet and power

gyrogearloose, Jul 23, 5:45pm
In my experience if you want a phone plugged into the router you need to specifically ask for it, and even then they can't make it work on the day because they take one baby step at a time.

If he didn't ask for a phone via IP, then they probably arn't taking any steps to achieve that.

gibler, Jul 23, 5:55pm
is this a landline?

black-heart, Jul 23, 5:57pm
sparks is ONT, vodafone is from the router. So it could be either, depending on ISP. Some installers hook the internal copper wiring to the device, so phones can be left as they were.

spyware, Jul 23, 6:14pm
Trustpower is via ONT.

kinevil, Jul 23, 6:19pm
Yes a land line

hulloitsme, Jul 23, 7:02pm
There's the problem right there! Fiber only works in America. If you had listened and paid attention at school English lessons, you would have known the civilised world uses "fibre".

Trustpower can swap you over, but it will probably cost around $500

ianab, Jul 23, 8:13pm
When they did our fibre install the technician wired the ONT phone outlet back into the existing phone jack. The existing copper line was disconnected, and now just runs into the ONT.

I guess they would do this because it then lets multiple phone or extensions work as normal, just now via the ONT / Fibre.

trebor31, Jul 23, 11:29pm

lythande1, Jul 24, 12:57pm
Usually it's plugged in to the ONT. Some companies, avoiding the chorus charge, have it plug into the modem. But if the chorus tech wires the jackpoints back to the ONT, and they will if asked, then you can continue to use the jackpoints round the house.
If it works, who cares how someone does it?

mark.p, Jul 24, 1:05pm
POTs has an advantage its usable in a power cut.

nice_lady, Jul 24, 1:08pm
So are cellphones.

king1, Jul 24, 3:07pm
networks might be down or congested & your battery might be flat

supernova2, Oct 8, 2:41am
Whats right is what ever works. Different coys/installs use different ways. Does your dad's landline phone still work? If so the way it was done is right for his particular install. If it doesn't then he needs to contact Trustpower and tell them to sort it out.

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