Android. Bluetooth text to speach.

shinedog, Aug 6, 8:23am
You might say "what took me so long", but finally moved from a Windows Phone to a S9, (nice ph), got most of it sorted but can't find how to get a incoming text message read out to me while on a Bluetooth headset, any Droid gurus please?

nice_lady, Aug 6, 9:04am
You could try 'smart connect' from the app store. It's a sony app but I think it works on other phones. if you get it installed goto the 3 dots and 'settings' then tick Text to speech.

nice_lady, Aug 6, 9:06am
Hmmm you may need to install 'smartkey' also.

shinedog, Aug 6, 9:28am
Cheers, will have a look, thought there may have been something built into the S9.

nice_lady, Aug 6, 9:44am
could be but I don't know

shinedog, Aug 6, 11:45am
Well "smart connect" did the job, didn't have to install smartkey, I'm very surprised that the S9 dosen't have it built in, fault #1.
Thanks extra Nice_Lady, you do an awesome service on this board.

nice_lady, Sep 29, 10:04pm
Sweet as !

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