IPad / Dock VGA connect Monitor / Airplay TV?

navestrebor, Sep 1, 3:51pm
Maybe a straight yes or no answer here, but who knows what possible workarounds may come out of this forum.

I am displaying a live feed video, from an iPad Air source to a larger monitor using Apple iPad VGA dock connector arrangement - works great, no issues there.

I was 'hoping' to utilise Airplay in some way to display a second (same) feed of the live video, on a TV connected to an Apple TV - ie: two displays, showing same content.

My limited (but learning) knowledge of this type of set up seems to be that I can do either, but not both and I sort of understand why.

Is there a way I 'could' possibly achieve this?

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

My thoughts are along the lines of a lightning (iPad source feed) to a multi port HDMI arangement where an HDMI feed goes to the monitor, and another to the TV. but I'm unsure if this is an option. I have googled, but keep coming up with the 'either / or' solution.


navestrebor, Sep 1, 4:19pm
Ok, after a bit more hunting around, I've used some different wording in searches and applied a little more 'brain' to this, and think I may be on the right track - either airplay feed to Apple Tv and split it coming out of ATV to connected TV and connected 'other' monitor, or, lightning connector ex iPad with multi output (either HDMI or VGA) or one of each and head down that track.

I see one deleted message as a response. probably deleted on the basis of 'FFS, you should be able to sort this out' and yup. I probably can.


suicidemonkey, Sep 1, 4:26pm
Nah I was gonna say I don't think it's possible to feed to 2 displays from the iPad at once, but the ATV idea could be viable, I'm just doing a bit of reading to see.

My other idea is this, which takes a single HDMI source and feeds it to 2 displays: https://www.elive.co.nz/startech-st122hd4ku-4k-hdmi-splitter-usb-power.php?gclid=CjwKCAjwzqPcBRAnEiwAzKRgS5C6khKRfPSm8cuWE8yk0bNMwAh7csDoo2hwsFKmkCURwIUyxZtxxhoCRGkQAvD_BwE

Not necessarily that exact model, I just found that quickly on Google, but you get the idea.

navestrebor, Sep 14, 12:17pm
Haha. Cool, thats where I was heading after some more reading too. the way I see what you have linked to working is that that splitter would be out of the ATV - one connect to Television and the other to a monitor.

There are some versions that 'seem' to split the signal, out of the lightning port on the iPad, to two HDMI or 1 x HDMI and 1 x VGA, but also have a lightning input as a charging input for the iPad.
Leaning toward a 'clean' iPad - ie: only charging cable if required, and Airplay mirrored to ATV and feed out from there to 'other' displays. this would save a lot of action going on at the lightning port of the iPad. handy being not so 'tethered'.

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