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olack, Feb 27, 11:17am
Would someone like to recommend a good not too expensive external sound card with a USB port for an XP Sony Vaio laptop and share any experiences with external sound cards. This laptop would originally been sold with a Sony Installation disk with the Sound Application for this laptop but I do not have the installation media. I have tried the correct audio drivers for this laptop and now certain it needs the application. The screen quality is so clear it would be a shame to not use it any more. No, I am not getting electric shocks from my electronics projects any longer. yet. EDITED (external sound card with a USB port)

suicidemonkey, Feb 27, 12:13pm
Have you tried Googling it?

I did and immediately found this:

Then I Googled some reviews which are all good.

vtecintegra, Feb 27, 12:50pm
Nothing available now will have workable Xp drivers. Also you don?

olack, Feb 27, 12:51pm
Hi, yes I googled and saw some but no external sound cards that allow USB audio device to plug in to it. I have Logitech USB powered speakers and not sure yet if they have a built in sound card - they look kind of snazzy. Sorry, I might be a little confused about what I need, I have been thinking about the poor quality sound on one laptop which I recently used while dog sitting, so really these speakers will work fine with that laptop but now this Vaio laptop sound has not worked except at boot and logoff it makes the Microsoft Windows sound, but tried often to get the operating system audio working permanently with no luck thinking it needs the original sound application.

olack, Feb 27, 12:53pm
Ok, my bad here too, the Sony Vaio has Windows 7 Pro 64 bit installed, recently returned to me with the Windows 7 Pro installed. Hmmm, well I have looked and looked and looked and the last option seems to be an external sound card.

olack, Feb 27, 1:00pm
Thanks for the PBTech idea. I am interested in solving this Sony Vaio problem now.

suicidemonkey, Feb 27, 1:10pm
What is the exact make/model of the laptop?

vtecintegra, Feb 27, 1:36pm
Uhh USB speakers have a sound card built in. How else would they work?

r.g.nixon, Feb 27, 1:41pm
Maybe audio chips on the m/board?

suicidemonkey, Feb 27, 1:48pm
I thought the integrated sound card on the motherboard handled most of the work? Any electronics in a cheap set of speakers would be fairly basic.

king1, Feb 27, 2:08pm
most USB speakers I see just have a USB powered amplifier in them - the sound is delivered via 3.5mm stereo jack via the computers onboard sound card.

Having said that USB headphones usually have sound card built in so it would make sense that they could do the same with speakers

gyrogearloose, Feb 27, 2:59pm
I bought a Topping D3 which has the USB connection you want plus optical, BNC digital and RCA connectors. The outputs are RCA and a headphone socket.

olack, Feb 27, 3:03pm
Sony Vaio VGN-FJ-1S / PCG 7F1M

olack, Feb 27, 3:10pm
Right but I was imagining USB powered speakers working through an external Sound card because the on board sound does not work, the on board sound not working because it needed the original Sony Audio app. But someone has suggested the problem not be the missing app. But I feel I have exhausted the possibilities in getting the sound to work. It has a clean install of Windows 7 Pro and finishing Microsoft Updates now but when all updated in the past has never worked for longer than I am not sure a day maybe.

olack, Feb 27, 3:13pm
btw. when it comes to searching Google I am mr google ok. ?

gyrogearloose, Feb 27, 3:28pm
If you're imagining an external sound card connected to your laptop via USB, and then plugging external speakers into the sound card via USB, then what's the point? You could just plug the USB speakers directly into the laptop.

I use the Topping as a preamplfier to a valve power amp, my desktop speakers nearly touch the roof.

nice_lady, Feb 27, 3:33pm
Yeah i'm not quite understanding why you think you need an external sound card when the laptop will already have one built in ?

vtecintegra, Feb 27, 3:35pm

vtecintegra, Feb 27, 4:19pm
That isn?

olack, Feb 27, 4:44pm
lol ahem yes ok then.

olack, Feb 27, 4:45pm
I was asking because the sound is not working.

nice_lady, Feb 27, 5:20pm
so what's device manager telling you under 'sound video and game controllers' ?

olack, Feb 27, 6:35pm
I see the Logitech Speakers and the Realtek sound chip in Device Manager. What has happened in the past is the onboard audio just stops working and when Microsoft Updates tried installing Updates they failed and now this second attempt has just started.

olack, Feb 27, 6:37pm
it sounds to me like the Logitech speakers are going to be the solution if the onboard does not keep working after all the updates install. This is Windows XP and it has NetworkFramework 4.5 installed.

vtecintegra, Jan 19, 1:57am
You just said the system has Windows 7. Which one is it?

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