Xiaomi Mi A1, experience, opinion ?

zak410, Mar 16, 2:02pm
Has anyone here with knowledge or first hand experience with this phone ?
Would you recommend it or know about better alternatives ?

All opinions welcome.

peanuts37, Mar 16, 4:03pm
Seems very good except camera in low light but common problem with most phone cameras. Xiaomi are very well put together even the cheaper ones. I got one last week, not the same model and am very happy with it.

duncb, Mar 16, 10:06pm
I am a big fan of Xiaomi. I do not have a Mi A1 but my partner has a Mi5, her mother a Redmi 4A and I have a Note 4x which we all extremely happy with. While not well not known in NZ they are a major manufacturer of mobile phones. The Mi A1 is best know for photography. If you are not wanting it for photos then they have other cheaper phones with good specs. The Mi A1 can be bought from overseas for under $300

duncb, Mar 17, 10:16am
Actually I find the Xiaomi skins Mui8 / Mui9 to be very nice. No problem with all updates. However I can see that some people would just prefer standard Android

vtecintegra, Mar 17, 10:35am
Thing is you won?

zak410, Mar 17, 10:39am
Thanks all for your comments so far.

In this price bracket I also think this phone offers good specs, and I like the standard Android.

I was first considering the Nokia 6, but after reading reviews and comparisons, this Xiaomi looks an attractive alternative to me.
Am I right ?

peanuts37, Mar 17, 12:52pm
I have an Xiaomi and you get security updates, 55mb one the other night. Its running android 7 soon to be updated to 8 and 9[P] is coming early next year. A very good phone. Ran Antutu and got a massive 210000 score.

duncb, Jan 8, 8:07pm
In my opinion you our right. The Xiaomi phones we have bought have been great value for money and have lived up to all our expectations and more.

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