Kanex MultiSync Mac Keyboard - not connecting

muffin2, Sep 23, 10:10pm
Does anyone have one of these?
We bought ours about 9 months ago and it usually works fine, but the last 4 weeks nearly every time I turn on the macbook pro the keyboard is not connected and I spend up to an hour trying to get it to connect
I've tried every trick in the book, turning blue tooth off and on, turning trhe keyboard off and on, plugging the keyboard in to charge it., removing the keyboar and installing it again. you name it I've tried it

sometimes it will connect again quickly and sometimes like tonight will take over a hour and still won't connect. it's very frustrating!

does anyone know why it keeps on disconnecting and if there is anything I can do to keep it connected?

I'm sick of having to do this every time I turn the macbook pro on

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