New To Fibre

cube_guy, May 8, 10:40am
Hi all, moved into a new house and this my first experience with Fibre, having previously used Vodafones cable internet (50Mbps down, 2Mbps up).

I have signed up to My Republics plan with up to 950Mbps down and up to 500Mbps up. My question is whether there is an setup time for fibre to get up to speed, or should it be as fast as it can be from the get go? I have seen upload speeds up to 450Mbps when doing a Speedtest, but the fastest download speed I have seen is around 350Mbps. I am using my own router - a Nighthawk R7000. Any advice around this would be great.

r.g.nixon, May 8, 10:42am
Fibre speed doesn't have a setup time like VDSL.

ross1970, May 8, 10:47am
Is hardware offloading relevant here?
Your router supports hardware offloading?

suicidemonkey, May 8, 10:57am
When I switched to gigabit it took a few days to get to full speed. The tech told me it was called "provisioning". Tbh I'm not up with the play so not exactly sure of the specifics.

ross1970, May 8, 11:01am

spyware, May 8, 3:10pm

Wired or wireless used for test.

cube_guy, May 8, 3:16pm
Wireless first. So, I thought I would bypass the R7000, and do a hardwired test. So what I have now, is the ONT, plugged into a TP-Link 16 port switch that I purchased, and from there to the patch panel which sends the connection through the house. Now with that setup, this is what I am getting. hmmm

trade_menow, May 8, 3:42pm
sounds like you've got it connected wrong
plug the modem into the ont on the WAN port then get another ethernet cable and plug that into 1 of the lan ports on the modem and the other end into the switch

cube_guy, May 8, 4:15pm
Nope, I don't think so. Just did a speedtest on a second PC and got 910Mbps down and 490Mbps up. So the issues now are around my PC with slow download speed when connected by cable, and slow Wi-Fi speeds overall.

monsieurl, May 8, 5:07pm
Yup different devices give different speeds, my higher end gear and Xbox get close to the gig every run but my older i3 lappy's cpu maxes out (looking on task finder) and never gets more than 400 up and down, tried it on a few other older gear and same thing.

cube_guy, May 8, 5:53pm
I can see your train of thought here, except my PC with the Speedtest result that I linked to in post 7 is newer gear than the 2nd PC that gave the near perfect results that I mentioned in post 9. Either way, 2Mbps is not right so will have to look into that.

loud_37, May 8, 7:08pm
Biggest problem I come across is people who have changed settings without knowing what they do, and there for stuff up things.

cube_guy, May 8, 7:49pm
Well that's. helpful? But I suppose I haven't given a lot of information. Both computers have newish Windows 10 installs. Neither have had a hardwired network connection before. Plug one in, and Internet speeds are great, plug the other in, it isn't. Other than plugging it in, I have changed no settings.

nice_lady, May 8, 8:04pm
And the computers them selves are old/new/ ? Perhaps the network card in one is not as fast as the other ?

cube_guy, May 8, 8:13pm
Hi, both are custom PC's for gaming. One is a Sandybridge i7 with a Gigabyte Z68 motherboard, and the other is a Haswell i5, with a Asus ROG Z97 board. The older Sandybridge one is the one working fine, where the newer Haswell system is not. Both have network cards totally capable of the required speed surely?

cube_guy, May 8, 8:23pm
Wait, it looks like I'm good with the hardwired machine, I just deleted, re-downloaded and reinstalled the network adapter drivers from Asus and speeds are now as advertised by MyRepublic. Cool. As to speeds on Wi-Fi devices, what sort of speeds should I expect there?

trade_menow, May 8, 10:44pm
for the wifi - you'll find its faster on the 5ghz band - if your modem has it but the signal wont reach as far as 2.4ghz
edited to add - on the 5ghz band my cell can get 88.4 / 22.0 ( im on 100/20 ) and on the 2.4 band its 41.4 / 21.8

vtecintegra, May 9, 6:47am
What network cards are you using?

You really need a quality PCI-e card (I'd go with Intel 7260 or similar) to go with that router

spyware, May 9, 6:47am
5 GHz - 40 MHz wide

iPad Air 1st gen - 110/110
iPhone 6S - 210/210

cube_guy, May 9, 10:16am
Well the PCs are going to be hardwired now, so everything should be fine. I was using the Netgear A6210 USB WiFi adapter. Has been fine up until now with our older slower Internet connection.

cube_guy, Dec 3, 6:19am
Great, so it looks like I'm getting about what I can get then. My phone is a Huawei Mate 10 and just did a speed test and got 349 down and 279 up with the Nighthawk Router on the 5Ghz band. Thanks for giving me something to compare against.

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