Hacking into a laptop

frances1266, Aug 13, 2:19pm
Is it possible for someone to hack into someone else's computer without their password?

king1, Aug 13, 2:31pm
if they have access to it physically probably - a lot more troublesome if no physical access and plenty of other variables to consider though that may affect one's ability to access data, like encrypted drives, device type, age, technology etc.

suicidemonkey, Aug 13, 2:32pm
If they have physical access to it, it's not too hard.

nice_lady, Aug 13, 2:45pm
Oh I hate guessing games. Why don't you give us some detail ?
For instance - are you hoping to be able to hack someones computer ?
Or maybe you're hoping someone's NOT hacking yours ?

If it's the 1st one - sorry you'll have to rely on Google and a fair bit of research.
If it's the 2nd one - tell us more detail and we might be able to assist you more.

frances1266, Aug 13, 4:03pm
I am hoping someone isn't hacking mine. The person concerned is in IT and doesn't have an ethical bone in their body.

lythande1, Aug 13, 4:08pm
Hacking, everyone thinks hacking is some magic spell.
Most "hackers" obtain your login details actually, usually from stupidity on the part of the user.
Or plant keyloggers, but if you practice common sense on the net and run antimalware checkers regularly that's easy to spot.

suicidemonkey, Aug 13, 4:10pm
I blame the media for that.

mr-word, Aug 13, 4:10pm
Yes if they installed a R.A.T (Remote Access Trojan) on your computer. Or the hacker has access over RDP. (Remote desktop protocol through a guest account).
Why do you suspect you were hacked?

king1, Aug 13, 4:24pm
what evidence or symptoms have you to suggest this is hacking ie is anything actually not working?

A lot of people these days seem to think anything that goes wrong is an indication of hacking. most of the time there is a normal rational explaination

nice_lady, Aug 13, 4:35pm
OH and if as you say the 'suspect' is 'in IT' they'll be aware that 'accessing a computer system without the right to do so' is actually illegal and can attract jail time.

frances1266, Aug 13, 4:48pm
Good will get my computer checked out and hope he gets life!

nice_lady, Aug 13, 4:59pm
Ok. There are several quite well qualified techs who hang around here. All you have to do is answer a few of the questions already asked - and then you might just get some FREE help. but you suit yourself.

gibler, Aug 13, 6:00pm
Did anyone else immediately check the region the OP is from?

zak410, Aug 13, 6:04pm
Does your computer behave in an unusual way ?
If you think it is accessed remotely, you could switch off your router when not using it ?

cafc2012, Aug 13, 6:37pm
Depends. If the person has administrator rights on the computer, they don't need a password - this is not hacking. Most 'hacking' is directed at working out what your password is, rather than "getting into" your computer without it. If you suspect someone has accessed your computer, you should change your password as a first step. To give you and idea of how easy your password is try this website - https://howsecureismypassword.net/ It's also worth considering encrypting or password protecting specific documents or folders (with a different password)

ronaldo8, Sep 25, 7:55am
More detail is required for your question to have any meaning.
For instance.

If the computer belongs to your employer and is being supported by an IT dept then it is entirely possible that they have administrative privileges on that company asset, by design. Either for remote admin or direct local access or both.

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