Vodafone to shut down email services

rpvr, Sep 8, 11:04am
Vodafone is axing its email service before Christmas. It will affect 250,000 customers. Too many customers think the service sucks, so they are ditching it. If a large company like Vodafone can't improve its email service to the satisfaction of its customers, why should anyone trust them to provide broadband services? Many think their service in that regard sucks too.

cube_guy, Sep 9, 7:52am
At least they understand their email is horrible and understand that it is better for their customers to cut their losses and to send them a reputable and stable provider like Gmail or Hotmail, unlike Spark who put their customers through the nightmare of going from one crappy email provider to another.

And FWIW, Vodafone's broadband and TV services have always worked extremely well for me, the only exception being during the Christchurch earthquakes, when everything understandably went to custard.

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