Card games and board games online

angie_the_panda, Dec 29, 5:37pm
does anyone have a good link to verse real people? thank you

colin433, Dec 29, 8:10pm
for games, it's your turn. it's an American company and you can play up to 15 moves a day for free, or unlimited moves for around $50 for two years. I play a version of scrabble they call jamble, and there are several versions, high bonus, wild, etc.
thatis the only game that I play, but there are around 20 game types available. battle boats, chess, backgammon (I think)
google them to see what they have.
My latest passion is euchre on facebook. Of course that is a game that more or less shuts down by about 7.30pm as they are all sound asleep.
Facebook itself has dozens of games of one sort or another. rummykub, rummyclub which is different, several card games, and a lot of other good games, not the nonsense such as matching three fruits or jewels or whatever.
hope this helps

gwimweeper, Mar 8, 8:06pm

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