How do i get wifi to reach sleepout?

sunny119, Apr 12, 1:22pm
So we have just finished the sleepout. It is attached to the house, but one does have to use the back door then enter thru another door. The wifi is super patchy and need to get something that will make the wifi work out there. It is clad with colour steel, which i heard can block it? Also looking to get the wifi happening in the garage/man cave, which isnt far from the sleepout, but also clad in colour steel. Any tips would be greatly appriciated :) Thanks

oma4, Apr 12, 1:40pm
Get a booster, easy to plug in.
Works great.

sunny119, Apr 12, 1:56pm
Thanks, I have googled stuff, theres just so many, like the power line booster things, and wireless this and that. I just dont know what we need. Some of them are quite expensive and seems a bit of a gamble, only really want to do it once

spyware, Apr 12, 2:17pm
Wireless dosn't go through metal. Maybe go back to primer 1.

spyware, Apr 12, 2:17pm
Maybe you should have run cat6, only $2/metre. Could have been run with the electical. Too late now. Wireless doesn't go through steel. That simple.

sunny119, Apr 12, 2:28pm
Lol thanks, theres no need to try and be insulting. perhaps you should think about going back to year one yourself. Primer is used as an undercoat for painting lololol :-D

Thanks for your smarta$$ comment tho, gave me a giggle.

spyware, Apr 12, 2:31pm
P.S. If cable was run as a phone line to either or both locations you may be able to repurpose it and run Ethernet over it.

spyware, Apr 12, 2:32pm
They aren't smart arse comments, they are common sense. If you want wireless in a building you run cable to within that building and connect wireless access point.

sunny119, Apr 12, 2:42pm
Awesome thanks again, both locations were already built/cables run etc. the sleepout building has just been painted, carpeted and new joinery, so there was no option to run cables. Hence my asking what is out there to solve this.

floydbloke, Apr 12, 2:59pm
A booster will be sh*t.
If the power in the sleepout is on the same mains phase as the house a powerline extender should do the trick though.

pheonix, Apr 12, 5:34pm
As said above also, radio will not go through metal and so wifi from the house sounds like a no go. The only way is as suggeted by floydbloke.

ianab, Apr 12, 7:37pm
While a powerline adaptor isn't the only way, it is probably the most practical in this situation.

jetgriff, Apr 13, 10:43am
I have this one, and it goes 25mtrs from the house to the Totalspan steel garage. the booster is at the back of the hose the modem at the front.
might not go through the steel walls but does get through, must be the windows then.

jetgriff, Apr 13, 10:46am

pheonix, Apr 13, 1:01pm
All those are WiFi extenders which won't help as the room is surrounded in metal according to the original poster. If placed in the house. the metal will stop it getting into the room , if placed in the room, there is no signal to extend due to the metal.
No it isn't the only way , but the other is to get a cat cable into the room from the house , which the OP has already said was not an option.

kevymtnz, Apr 13, 1:15pm
why did you not make room for it to be cable as wifi is crap anyway
cable is faster and more stable
my whole house is cabled to each room only cell phones are wifi

snoopy221, Apr 13, 1:21pm
Possibly ya may have the option of having a chat to ya electrician as depending on how the circuits power points etc are wired it may well be easy enough to simply open up a flush box on a power point or light switch and tie a string to the cable and pull the cable back and attach a cat 5 or cat 6 cable to the string and simply cable the sleepout to your modem and then have a cable feed in to the sleepout and simply put a wireless router on the end of the cable

ianab, Apr 13, 1:46pm
I've set up some ip security cameras for a friend. We had to get 300m out to a farm shed, so cable and power line adaptors were out (Different mains supply).

A couple of these make the bridge, then feed into a network switch in the remote shed.

But in the OPs case, powerline or running a cable will be better options.

And yes wifi is slower than a cable, but for most applications, people wont notice much difference, as long as you have a decent wifi signal, which will an access point in the sleepout.

magus, Apr 15, 10:23am
Problems Google+ on Android Tablet

magus, Apr 15, 10:32am
Hi. I have an older Acer Android Tablet. Model B1-710 with android 4.1.2 on it. It is a good little tablet but lately i have been having issues with Google+ on it. I never even use the app but it seems to be part of the OS.

I keep on getting an error message:
Reinstall Google+
An error occured during the installation of Google+. Please uninstall the app and then install it again.

Firstly i cant fully uninstall Google+ only the updates. when i do this and try and disable app it keeps on coming up with the same above error msg.
Is annoying. Wondering if the OS is getting to old for the latest Google+.
Wish i could get rid of Google+ entirely as never use it. I do use google play and gmail though. Any help would be appreciated.

magus, Apr 15, 10:36am
Sorry about this post. Accidently put it in a msg thread. was supposed to start a new one !

nzdoug, Apr 17, 10:17am
We hired our local geek to set up our wifi booster system.
Its a white box on the TV ariel that has a flashing light.
It extends our wifi to 50 meter radius or so, depending on the weather.
$400 ish including install.

ianab, Apr 17, 8:10pm
Outdoor Wifi repeater by the sound of things.

$200 for the unit and accessories, and a couple of hours to install it sounds about right.

DIY with Powerline Adaptors might have been cheaper, but what you have will work.

skull, Dec 19, 2:17am
I have one of the higher end Wifi routers in the house and I've connected a cable to the computer where the short aerial is on the card at the back of the box. Hole in the tin wall for another larger aerial (about 12") and cable connected to that. My wifi connection in my tin shed is pretty much similar to what I'm getting inside the house.

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