Lightning Cables

johnhb, Jun 20, 5:02pm
Can anyone please explain to me why it is that we regulate & manage the quality of so many things in New Zealand- but seem to grind to a halt when it comes to things like imported lightning cables (for example)? The quality of said cables- and various other computer peripherals- seems to vary from FANTASTIC to bloody useless. A quick look at YouTube indicates that many have to regularly replace said cables that can?

nice_lady, Jun 20, 5:06pm
Yes it is. It does have some variability dependant on the apparent quality, (as often measured by price), of items purchased. In that a cheap tv for instance will not be expected to be as good, long lasting, etc as a more expensive one. However anything purchased should still be 'fit for purpose' - how long it remains that way, and may be legally expected to remain 'fit for purpose, may be somewhat dependant on the price paid.

suicidemonkey, Jun 20, 5:11pm
I think the consumer has a role to play here. The government can't regulate everything.

You can't buy a $5 cable and expect it to be any good. "You get what you pay for" is very valid here. I've always bought reputable branded cables and never had a problem.

Also I don't think the CGA guarantees the quality and effectiveness of products sold - it guarantees that retailers must provide a solution if the product fails.

jon9, Jun 20, 5:26pm
The simple answer is you get what you pay for. Ive been using 2 apple genuine lightning cables since the iPhone 5 in 2012 and both are still fine. I mean you can buy Genuine for $10 each on special, why you would bother with a cheaper alternative is beyond me

sw20, Nov 2, 4:56pm
Never had a problem with any of my genuine Apple Lightning cables.

Part of the reason we don't make things anymore is everyone wants everything for nothing. All that does is drive down the quality and the wages.

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