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wishbone66, Jul 25, 3:08pm
I am wanting to know if there is a way to get the community board on my Samsung tablet - I can get into trade me. Appreciate any ideas please thank you.

king1, Jul 25, 3:18pm
not available in the app - use chrome and when you end up on the mobile site open the chrome menu and 'request desktop site'

nice_lady, Jul 25, 3:24pm
Yeah the trademe app won't do it. Just use the tablet browser to GOTO trademe as you would on a computer. I'm doing that right now posting this from a phone.

ians2, Jul 25, 3:38pm
I have saved the 'Message board' as a bookmark on both my Samsung tablets. When I select that, it is directly into the TMMB. On my S2, I have also saved various forums as well. So selecting 'Computing' bookmark, I go directly there.

wishbone66, Oct 6, 7:09pm
Great thank you. I think I have managed to do it????

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