A question about email addresses

dabo, Jun 16, 10:44pm
I am just setting up a new email address and I notice that more and more people are just choosing their full name : joesmith@gmail.com. When I first set up an address on Xtra (admittedly 15 years ago) for some reason using your real name wasn?

snoopy221, Jun 16, 10:49pm
Well it sorta depends on how much PUBLIC information you want to keep as PRIVATE information

I.E ya gottzz a trade me account so if i bought sumfink off ya and did the ole white pages as to a **Joe Bloggs at g male** and found a white pages listing for a J Bloggs in the same profile area and rung ya and said hey ya juss sold me xxxx so will be at ya adress in 5 mins-LOL

dabo, Jun 16, 10:57pm
Ok I see that. Any other advantages/ disadvantages

suicidemonkey, Jun 16, 11:18pm
I guess it depends.

I have a few e-mail addresses. One doesn't include my real name, and I use that for signing up to crap that I expect to get spam/marketing emails from. One has my full name (i.e. that.guy@gmail.com), and I use that for business related stuff, etc.

So it depends where you use the address. For example, I probably wouldn't readily give my real name on a message board like this, but at the same time if someone really wanted to do some Googling, they could probably figure out who I am, especially in a small country like NZ. And that's fine. There's not a lot someone can do with just your name.

oclaf, Jun 16, 11:46pm
It depends on how seriously you want to be taken. My first email address as a young teen was treehugginhippy@hotmail. That was fine as a kid. But as I entered adulthood I realized i needed a more appropriate email address so I used my second name backwards (as is my trademe username, being from around that era). In my early 20s I adopted initials-surname@gmail.com as my email and it's stayed the same for the past decade. Sure it's boring, but it's much more professional. When i deal with people on a professional level with emails like mababerulzok@whatevermail.com I usually know from the beginning how things are going to pan out.
I still use my oclaf address for signing up to crap that'll get me on spam lists, same as suicidemonkey. And I've got a tertiary (ridiculous) email address for dealing with dodgy stuff and trolling scammers.

dabo, Jun 17, 7:10am
Thanks oclaf I like the idea of having another email for signing up for stuff or even times when I don?

nice_lady, Jun 17, 8:35am
You can set-up Gmail to collect mail from multiple addys for you

lythande1, Jun 17, 8:36am
Personal choice. carfan or some such isn't very professional if a business email.
And using name can work, but try johnsmith@gmail. you'll find there is already johnsmith and all the way to johnsmith3022745@.
Ok if your name is quite rare.

black-heart, Jun 17, 10:00am
if you're emailing someone chances are you're name is already known to them. as for 'professionalism' that pretty much in the eye of the beholder. I know a law firm thats been using firstname.lastname@xtra.co.nz for a decade or so.

suicidemonkey, Nov 4, 11:08pm
I saw a truck driving past the other day (one of the big double trailer things) with "Truckingcompanyname@xtra-
.co.nz" plastered in massive letters on each side.

Obviously they could afford the sign writing but not a decent e-mail address -_-

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