Latest scam email

johnhb, Jan 11, 5:00pm
Lots and lots of incredibly realistic looking emails lately from people wanting me to "just tick here". Of course, that immediately confirms they've got a live one which they can then on-sell. More so than I'm used to which is why I mention it.
Is it my imagination or have these things increased exponentially over the last few months- since just before Christmas (of course when everyone's got their wallets open, when I think about it).
When I think about it again, of course, only one sucker in a hundred has to "tick here", and multiply that by the zillions of users in the world and they're away laughing.
Isn't there some way someone (e.g. the INTERNET POLICE. who go to so much effort to keep our borders safe. !) ahem. can catch these criminals? Or at least give us a few clues as to who they think they might be, where they might live, etc. etc. I often think of some poor bugger in a flat in south-west Bucharest or somewhere deciding he really has to make his mark on the universe.
Then again, maybe I'm just being paranoid.

suicidemonkey, Jan 11, 7:50pm
I had a really legit e-mail from Twitter the other day saying my account had been accessed and to click the link to change my password. It was especially weird because I don't have a Twitter account.

But either way, everything about it looked genuine, but if I did have Twitter, instead of clicking the link I would've typed "" into my browser and done it that way.

Everyone should do it that way, even if you think the e-mail is genuine.

lythande1, Jan 12, 7:50am
Why post your spams for everyone to read? Why even read them yourself? Feed a few to your providers spam filter (by logging in to the server) and stop them there.

johnhb, Jan 12, 11:11am
I'm waiting for the day when I don't respond to one of the many, many scam emails I get which turns out to be legit! That's when I'll miss out but of course I probably won't know anyway. or something.

nice_lady, Jan 12, 11:38am
Hubby dumped what he thought was a bit of junk/spam mail, luckily I get the same mail and read it and it was a $200 voucher for Rebel Sports that one of us had unknowingly won lol. So yah. read em THEN dump.

johnhb, Jan 13, 2:11pm
Disclaimer: this is NOT an incentive to commit crime, rather a simple opinion on what appears to be going on.

Trouble is, nice lady, I think "they" are two steps ahead- the minute you open it to check- you're done for. and they know they've found another sucker. I don't think it's necessarily "they" who are the ones who necessarily do the damage- it's the databases of "suckers" they then on- sell which is where they make their money. Only have to catch one in a hundred of the hundreds and thousands of emails they send out trawling, and they've got it made.! And of course, it will all be automated and carried on while they lie on the beach working out how to spend it all. Ironic isn't it that we can rely on the Police to catch blatant thieves but the REAL crooks remain completely anonymous and stealing squillions of dollars a day apparently with impunity!

There's something seriously wrong with the world, I think. and all of our career choices when it comes down to making money when we have such foolproof, guaranteed techniques such as they are using with such unbelievable success.

Ever hear of anyone being, er. "caught"" lately? Anywhere? Shoplift a 20c chocolate bar, and your chances of getting caught and prosecuted are big time. Do what they are doing- you're laughing all the way to the bank, I think.

Wonder how all this is perceived by young people looking for a career?

nice_lady, Jan 13, 2:40pm
NO 'they' can't know if you're opening mail. They DO know if you're silly enough to try to unsubscribe to any crap you never even subscribed to in the first place or otherwise follow a link, click a button in the email or any other silly thing.

johnhb, Jan 14, 1:27pm
Sorry yes of course you're correct! They don't know that you've opened one but only if (as I'm often tempted to do) you unsubscribe. I stand corrected.

nice_lady, Jan 14, 1:30pm
Don't do that it's a sucker trap.

ironmonger1, Jan 31, 11:36am
we have just had our first "begging" email.We have booked a holiday home in AUs, and got an email last night that looked like it was from the owner. Telling us he has had to fly urgently to the Phillipines because his cousin has cancer.He had to leave in such a hurry he did not take much money and mus raise $thousands for treatment or his cousin will die.Could we advance us $2000,and of curse he will pay it back.We had already opened and read the email before we realized it was a scam.The address it came from was (almost) exactly the same as the real guy and even had his photo in the top corner.We have emailed him & let him know someone is using his ID for a scam and responded to the email with extreme foul language.Just disgusting

nice_lady, Jan 31, 12:36pm
Responding to the email was dumb. Now the scammer knows you are a live address. More scam mail will soon be on its way to you.

Edit to say: Good on ya for not getting suckered.

1bravo, Jan 31, 5:00pm
You have to be the last idiot on the planet to even open that kind of email. If there's an issue with your account the bank will CALL you, no matter where you are - we got calls about funny charges on the credit card at 2am (local time somewhere else, not NZ), so relax and delete.

aktow, Sep 8, 8:12pm
i had a email from bnz but it looked fake,, there address had . and the main reason it looked fake is,,, i don't have a bnz bank account,,

leeran, Sep 5, 11:48am
I've had a lot of scam emails lately from so called banks & other unknown sources but this one is the 1st from what looks like Kiwisaver. I wish these idiots would give up. Copied below

"Kiwi, Servicemessage (

Withdrawing your savings

You've become eligible to withdraw all your savings as a lump sum when you qualify for Kiwi Super, as long as you've been a KiwiSaver member for a minimum of 2 years.

How to withdraw your saving

The date you become eligible to withdraw your savings is known as your end payment date.
Any withdrawals from your KiwiSaver account are tax-free.
When you're eligible to access your savings, apply to your KiwiSaver provider.

Login to your Kiwi Account here, and access with name and email.


Name: xxxxx
Amount: 9,231.06

Copyright © 1998 Kiwi. All rights reserved.
You subscribed to our newsletter via our membersservice.
Close Account Service "

I withdrew my Kiwisaver a couple years ago.

bwg11, Sep 5, 2:03pm
Not KiwiSaver, but yesterday I had a rather authentic looking email from BNZ (geniune BNZ logo etc) suggesting there had been an unauthorized attempt to access my account from an unknown location and that I should follow the included link to verify my account details. I can see how people get caught by these scams - they must get a few otherwise the scam emails wouldn't be so prevalent.

nice_lady, Sep 5, 5:48pm
People should be smart enough to NOT get caught by this sort of thing these days. computers and the internet have been around in common use for a fair while now. TBH people should know NOT to "follow the included link to verify my account details".

ross67, Sep 6, 10:27am
I had KiwiSaver and BNZ. I am very careful, but I know a close to 80 year old guy, and he thought the real Microsoft people rang him. It's all sorted for him, but I an understand how people fall for it. It seems so real.

tmg, Sep 7, 4:24pm
Received a small flood of scam E-B Payment Required Advice phishing jobs in at various email addresses last night -- looks like a Paypal / EB account hijacking attempt

kiwiscrapper1, Sep 23, 5:58pm
They seem to be going around agan, Ive had both re kiwisaver and BNZ and a phonecall about microsft. Spot the error though you have to be in kiwisaver for 5 years before you can draw it out, unless for a home or hardship ????

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