Hp 5550 older printer info wanted

urbanrefugee54, May 1, 2:10pm
mine has 2x paper feed sizes [a3 & a4] with it having extra clip or bolt on paper store feeder. but if I wanted to add another so that I could have 3x paper sizes available, is the tray just the same.

urbanrefugee54, May 2, 3:32pm
have the pdf book - but it doesn't say about the paper feeders on the base of the machine.

black-heart, May 2, 6:58pm

cookee_nz, May 2, 7:38pm
5550 is indeed a very old model now, and very large. Yes the trays do stack and are all the same, the unit auto detects them. I'd imagine the only reason for keeping or using it would be the A3 capability, and/or you have heaps of spare supplies?

urbanrefugee54, Dec 8, 10:57pm
thank you - I thought they stacked, I now have to work out how to lift or tip onto it's back something the size of a small fridge & weighing in as a large fridge so it can be attached. have enough supplies to last me a while, especially since we don't use much. although I am tempted with a photocopier with the a3 scan & ability to print a3 . I just do home crafts

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