Samsung TV - Volume difference - Netflix & Sky

firemansgirl, Jun 10, 5:54pm
I have just bought and set up a Samsung TV. Everything is playing fine, but the sound on Netflix is louder than if I switch to Sky. I'm not sure how to get them playing at the same volume. Netflix is set at about 36, and to get the same volume from Sky, I need to put it up to nearly double that. I must be missing something but not sure how to sort it.

gyrogearloose, Jun 10, 6:04pm
Using the Sky decoder remote, turn up the volume to match that of Netflix.

Then, when you want to change the overall volume, just use the TV remote rather than the Sky remote.

firemansgirl, Nov 10, 7:19am
Thank you so much! Such a simple fix. I had assumed that the TV remote would overrun the Sky one. It's perfect now, thanks to you. Have a great evening!

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