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willz29, Jul 17, 10:30pm
Torrents, private sites I use bitsoup for torrents. Just wondering what most people here do to get good ratio's. Upload or donate? I have been uploading, But it really does have a big impact on your bb cap. So I've been thinking of donating. Currently if you donate $20 US you get a 500gb upload credit. What do other users on here do?

tessal, Jul 17, 10:33pm
Donate to bitsoup they give probably the best kickback ive seen for donations,as you'll probably already know.

willz29, Jul 17, 10:38pm
Wow, the nz dollar must be high at the moment Looks like $25NZ buys $20US. Plus credit card conversion rates I assume. Seems like a good deal to me

mustang23, Jul 17, 10:45pm
Willz I donated to Bitsoup about a year ago. Still haven't used my GB's. I highly recommend doing it. Its the only real viable solution to increase ratios on NZ BB plans.

baker-assoc, Jul 17, 10:47pm
Willz The other option to keep ur ratio is to get a seedbox, then invites to other trackers come flooding in

tessal, Jul 17, 10:51pm
Yah mustang im still sitting on 200gig i haven't used aswell, i don't think i'll ever get it down too zero..on a dumb 15gig wireless contract due to our location to not be able to have wired bb.

shrapz, Jul 17, 11:22pm
Seed box wins Ratio: 3.027 Uploaded: 3.53 TB Downloaded: 1.17 TB Slots: Unlimited slots

ply-boy, Jul 18, 12:51am
Get a seedbox :D

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