Everyday Spam - Help Please?

akl439, May 5, 3:45pm
Every day I get mail addressed to m_jackson@xtra.co.nz sent from a different address - here is today's Best Promotions

I've tried blacklisting sender, putting in Spam box or just plain deleting, but they keep coming. Any suggestions as to how I can stop it please?

axelvonduisberg, May 5, 3:55pm
Get a decent email provider who has decent spam protection, like G MAIL

lythande1, May 5, 4:05pm
As above. gmail

suicidemonkey, May 5, 5:00pm
+1 for Gmail. I get zero spam, Gmail catches 100% of it.

ians2, May 5, 5:06pm
It catches 105% of mine. Just because it 'looks' like spam, it is not necèssarily spam.

akl439, May 5, 6:08pm
Thanks for that. I've suddenly started getting quite a bit in my Spam box that isn't spam at all so maybe Gmail is the answer. Thanks again.

gyrogearloose, May 5, 6:16pm
When you post your email address like this, everyman and their dog signs you up at mailbait.info so that your inbox may forever be full.

akl439, May 5, 8:27pm
Except that's not my email address or anything like it

suicidemonkey, May 5, 9:28pm
I go through my Gmail spam folder. well. sometimes. Occasionally I see a marketing e-mail or a password reset e-mail I need, but never anything overly important. It does a damn good job.

molly_8, May 22, 4:09pm
I am also getting spam with that address m.jackson and from a host of other spammers ,I am with sparks xtra mail , even though they are blacklisted they just keep coming back, thinking of changing to gmail

nice_lady, May 22, 4:28pm

socram, May 22, 6:14pm
People we were with this morning also getting that one.

#7, my long time email address with my own domain has been badly spammed, because it was often published on the interweb as the contact person for a specific sport. After over 20 years with the same email address, I had no option but to dump it last week.

If you have your own domain, such as '@spam.co.nz', can 'spam.co.nz' be transferred to Gmail? If it can't, then how then do you deal with it?

nice_lady, May 22, 7:10pm
You can setup Gmail to collect mail from pretty much any server. I'd guess it at that point applies it's own spam filter ? Someone may be able to confirm this.

bassmo1, May 23, 10:55am
Gmail for years, yes, I check the spam folder every now and again before deleting the few instances found there. An email from a son was always ending up there until I told gmail it wasn't spam. But really, I've been so pleased with Gmail over the years.

black-heart, May 23, 11:18am
+1 I never really liked the way it operates but its quite effective.

bwg11, Nov 23, 1:49am
I'm also getting heaps of the m_jackson@xtra emails. I still have a xtra account from days gone by - xtra seem incapable of filtering them out. I use Thunderbird and it is easy to set a message rule to get rid of them, but I would prefer and expect xtra to do it and never see them.

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