Signing in to W10

colin433, Dec 27, 9:26am
Is it possible to set a computer runing on W10 so that I don't need to sign in every time, or is there a way to set it so that it doesn't go to sleep when I leave it to make a cuppa etc. I'm geting darned sick of putting ina password every time I come back to it.
I guess it's a form of screen saver that it causes it, so the next question would be, how long can it be left idle and not damage the screen.

vtecintegra, Dec 27, 9:31am
Go into 'Settings' then type 'Power' into the search box. Choose 'Power & sleep settings' from the results, then choose 'Never' in the turn of display and sleep settings.

Most modern screens won't suffer from burn in so no need to worry there.

king1, Dec 27, 9:53am
To skip a password on startup
right click start menu
untick 'users must enter a username & password . "

peanuts37, Dec 27, 9:54am
Click windows button, click settings, click accounts, click sigh in options, on right change 'when PC wakes up' to never. This will not then require password when using computer but will if you restart which I think is what you want.

colin433, Mar 11, 6:40am
thanks peanuts, I think this is what I'm looking for, wil try it anyway. I don't mind clicking mouse, but typing each time is a bore

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