Installing MS Office from a flash drive

magus, Sep 7, 7:15pm
I have a copy of MS Office on a DVD . If i simply copy all those files onto a flash drive can i then install the program on a computer that has USB ports but no optical drive ? Or, do i have to create something on the flash drive using another application before it will work.

nice_lady, Sep 7, 7:17pm
nah it'll work
You'll have to go into the files on the usb drive and find the setup.exe or whatever it's called to get the install running after you plug it in.

magus, Sep 7, 7:21pm
I thought that would be the case but wanted to ask someone who might of already done it. My GFs computer has no optical drive but she could use MS Office. Unfortunately the computer she had with an Optical drive didnt ike red wine as much as she does !

nice_lady, Sep 7, 7:22pm
lol Yeah it'll work and be very simple.

duncb, Sep 7, 8:19pm
Yes it is will work, no problem at all. However I am a bit worried if this will be a new trend for optical drives to have a fatal attraction to red wine. In the past this has only been a worry for keyboards and the occasional mouse

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