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jessie_refined, Apr 17, 8:11pm
if i put a word into say cell A1 , i need a formula to automatically pit a different word into another cell, say C1. Lets use the word "Power" fpr A1 and automatically puts the word :internet: into cell C1

Is there such a formula

emmerson1, Apr 17, 10:36pm
Apart from the answer you were given in General, you could also consider using a lookup table if there is a range of words that need responses.

duncb, Apr 17, 11:08pm
Yes. Put this formula into C1. =IF(A1="Power","-

duncb, Apr 17, 11:11pm
Ignore the - and ; that Tm has put in before internet"

duncb, Apr 17, 11:12pm

duncb, Dec 18, 11:00pm
well almost. no - and new line

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