Avonmore in voluntary liquidation

geek_nzoomed, Sep 3, 1:39 pm

Haha Avondump.

geek_mr-word, Sep 3, 5:36 pm

I worked with a guy that went to teach IT there.

No formal qualifications, previous job, checkout operator.

geek_sw20, Sep 3, 6:06 pm

Check out operators are sometimes very intelligent people, don't judge a book by a cover

A "formal qualification" means you passed a test, proving you can do the job correctly is more desirable than a certificate

Most good IT people are self taught, and only get paper if required

geek_smallfry, Sep 4, 9:31 pm

I agree. I did learn a bit there I must say, especially alot on history of computing and also logic level on how computers operated, but the skillset on paper really means nothing, its experience that counts, I learned more in my first year of employment than I ever did at avonmore. Its really just your ticket in the door to employment, but I dont feel they under-delivered.
Im now self employed and would never work for another IT company again.

geek_nzoomed, Sep 12, 8:47 am

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