Want to delete my email address from work computer

kevlight, Jun 28, 7:57pm
Had initially put my own email address on work laptop ,until the Boss set it up with a new Gmail a/count for work . now i wish to remove my email address from work laptop so my personal emails are not on it,
. Every time i go to delete my email address ,im worried that I am going to delete the Email address completely .both at work and at home .how & what and do i do it thanks . windows 7. .

skull, Jun 28, 9:28pm
All you have on your work laptop is ACCESS to your emails, the emails are on a server in the cloud. Removing access via your work laptop is as simple as changing the password. Removing traces of your email address is going to depend on what program you use for the access.

kevlight, Jun 29, 7:41am
Office works 365 on windows 7 , is the software on the work laptop . i have Vista at home with Monzilla and Fire Fox . just want all trace of my home emails off work laptop .thanks.

black-heart, Jun 29, 7:53am
did you set up outlook to connect to your email? or are you accessing it via the browser? just removed the saved credentials if its the browser, and if its outlook you have to remove the account.

lythande1, Oct 28, 8:50pm
You are going into the email program on the work PC, then removing that email ACCOUNT.

This does not tell your ISP you wish to discontinue using the email address you set up with them.

Common sense.

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