Printer wont stay online

jojo76, Jun 14, 11:22am
Apologies if i use the wrong terms here! This is a wireless printer and is connected to my modem/router, i can print from the ipad and mobile phones but not my laptop. It will search and find the printer establish a connection, i will print a test page then within a few minutes after this it goes offline, to get it back online i have to uninstall and find it again.
Originally i thought it was the printer, so i connected our old printer (has a print head issue) and it did exactly the same thing. Ive checked the firewall settings all looks ok. Any ideas as to why i cannot get them to stay online?

Edited the phones and ipad are using wi fi direct so bypassing the modem/router, but if i try and bypass the modem with the laptop, it is still offline. This laptop is windows 10 BTW

nice_lady, Jun 14, 11:32am
go into network settings on the printer and give it a fixed local Ip addy

black-heart, Jun 14, 1:45pm
Make / Model ? For troubleshooting can you connect via ethernet cable ?

If its HP Officejet, its working as intended. AKA a lemon.

nice_lady, Jun 14, 1:51pm
Ouch lol

king1, Nov 7, 6:59am
if you haven't installed the manufacturers software for it I would start with that. Win 10 does a half hearted attempt at setting up network printers automagically (wsd) which is often problematic

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