Linux Mint vs Ubuntu

kiwikidd77, Jun 16, 2:57pm
Tried to install Mint on my Acer Aspire 3 but when it restarted after the install it came up with a picture of a lock and message saying secure boot failure. Reinstalled and got the same message.

Decided to try Ubuntu to see if it gave the same message. It installed and is working just fine. Now I'm wondering what the difference is?

lythande1, Jun 16, 3:00pm

kiwikidd77, Jun 16, 3:39pm
Thanks for that input. I think I'll stay with Ubuntu since it works OK. Good to get information to help me understand things.

Some really Great people on here.

zak410, Jun 16, 3:46pm
Mint comes more ready for playing media.
With Ubuntu you need to install 'restricted extras' .

kiwikidd77, Nov 5, 6:48am
Thanks for your input too Zak410

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