gymee1, Jun 13, 8:54am
What is the difference between Beta and what we use now. and If I was to change to Beta would I be able to change back.

king1, Jun 13, 9:12am
generically (since you make no reference to what you're talking about) Beta means an early version that is less or untested and may contain bugs or faults that may cause problems.
Alpha versions are usually even less reliable.

Unless you're talking about video tapes.

nice_lady, Jun 13, 9:19am
Depends to some extent on the device and what the beta software is.

black-heart, Jun 13, 9:29am
beta software is pre-release so you can expect bugs in it. And no support or fixes.

gymee1, Jun 13, 9:39am
Sorry Both Microsoft outlook and Stuff are inviting me to trial the Beta Program

r.g.nixon, Jun 13, 9:41am
Sounds like phishing from at least one of them.

nice_lady, Jun 13, 9:43am
Assuming they're legitimate offers, and we don't know this, you have to consider what are the potential benefits and down sides to this.

What gain do you get - if any - and what problems could you encounter that you don't need ?

If what you have now is working well, unless you're a bit adventurous then don't go Beta.

ross1970, Jun 13, 10:54am
The whole point of releasing beta software is for the developers to be able to test the software and have bug reports either submitted by the user or automaticaly generated and submitted by the software itself. Why set up a dedicated testing environment when many users are prepared to be that environment for you. Use Beta releases if you're interested in using possible new features etc, at the cost of also having to put up with the teething issues as well.

gymee1, Jun 13, 10:59am
Thanks Folk I'll stick with what I am using at Present. Your input was appreciated

trade4us2, Nov 6, 8:53pm
Has nobody noticed the invitation from Stuff to use their Beta trial?
I take it that I am using their Beta system unless I click on the Beta button, however maybe it's around the other way. They don't say.

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