Windows 10 help?

Had to do a reset to factory settings. Now need to put enter a password never had to before, so how stop from needing to enter one.
Not very computer savvy.
Mrs D

geek_dave313, Sep 6, 4:45 pm

settings -> accounts

first you need to change to a "local" account (assuming it is a microsoft account) and then you will need to change the password but leaving the new password blank, restarting in between when required

geek_king1, Sep 6, 4:56 pm

Yeah I wouldn't reccomend doing a 'factory reset' you'll end up with the machine in the same condition as the day you bought it. Which means you'll lose all data/pictures/emails/programs you've put on the machine. And if you're not sure how you got to have to put a password on it - what makes you think that won't happen again.

If you can't manage what king1 suggested then I reckon you should visit a tech and get it sorted so you don't need a password again. it'll be the simpler fix.

geek_nice_lady, Sep 6, 5:28 pm

I believe OP has already done the reset.

geek_suicidemonkey, Sep 6, 5:34 pm

You'll want to know your MS account password, once you've used your MS account, you can then set up something easier like a PIN, or fingerprint or face recognition.

geek_black-heart, Sep 6, 5:49 pm

Sh*t yeah didn't read that properly.
Simple they've not noticed during intial boot that the system gives two choices, ( the non MS sign in choice is NOT an obvious one !).

geek_nice_lady, Sep 6, 6:02 pm

It's about as non-obvious as possible, and even then the system nags you to use a MS account.

But you can go back to a "local" account, with a blank password if you want.

geek_ianab, Sep 6, 6:33 pm

Thank you all for your help. Sorted.
Mrs D.

geek_dave313, Sep 10, 5:49 pm