Vr Headsets Currently available?

brett21, May 9, 8:25pm
So am I right in thinking, there is now standalone headsets that dont require a cell phone, and you dont connect them to a computer.

You just have to connect to your wifi.

BUT if you want to view a youtube video on your headset, that is playing on your computer, the VR headset will have to be plugged into your computer?

Is that correct?

And Which model headset can people recommend?

emmerson1, May 12, 11:19pm
I don't believe there is what you say. I have never seen that kind of thing.

ira78, May 13, 6:31am
Sounds like you're thinking of the Oculus Go. You do need a smartphone for configuring it.

And no you can't view a youtube video that's playing on your computer on the headset. It's not a display for your PC. Just go to youtube on the headset and watch the video.

brett21, May 13, 10:34am
Cheers, that was the part I was a bit confused with!

suicidemonkey, May 13, 2:10pm
What about the Oculus Rift?

ira78, Nov 30, 4:47pm
Needs a PC, but is better than the Go and all the mobile based headsets in basically every way.

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