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mrfxit, May 7, 11:25am
Whats worked out to be the simplest most reliable hdd cloning tool.
I have dabbled with a few over the years & had a few success's but those prg's don't work well with modern hdds.

I need 1 that will run from a boot cd/usb drive as a stand alone hdd clone tool.
An iso to burn to cd/usb as a complete tool would be brilliant.

If I have to install it to use it, it's not what I need.

peanuts37, May 7, 11:37am

r.g.nixon, May 7, 11:40am

r.g.nixon, May 7, 11:41am
I use it, but I don't expect there is a portable (non-install) version.

daves, May 7, 11:48am
Probably not!


"Sorry! This program is no longer available for download from our site. It may have been discontinued or become obsolete."

mrfxit, May 7, 12:03pm

event_horizon_1, May 7, 12:09pm
I use minitool partition wizard now since partition magic died.
Need to pay for the program to be able to use the bootable option.

gettinggrey, May 7, 1:53pm
Aomei Backupper is simple to use. Clones HDD (including HDD to SSD, etc).
I use the earlier free version 3.5 that allows cloning. The new version you have to buy to get the cloning feature.
It is a very good program though.

tegretol, May 7, 3:19pm
XXClone was brilliant but apparently the author has karked it and no further versions are being released. The [bought] version I have date-bombs out and the date of the original install is buried in the HD (not in the registry) somewhere. Now use Macrium.

newbie5, May 7, 5:28pm
I use macrium reflect and find it clones ok

gibler, May 7, 6:06pm
Macrium Reflect does the job.

mrfxit, May 8, 6:03pm
Yep but this time I would prefer an boot disk portable type.
Got a lot to do & installing/ cloning & having to remove clone software afterwards is a PITA

bronzeblood, May 8, 6:12pm
Aomei has a WinPE iso and Linux iso for backing up/restoring images over a network or local disk.

agarn, May 8, 6:53pm

mrfxit, May 9, 11:06am
Thanks, will check it.
If I can read that site then it could be worth a look
Got to be the worst site construction I have seen in a few years

king1, May 9, 11:33am
I can vouch for the Macrium portable version (in the technician version), only problem I had one time was it didn't seem to have video drivers for a particular machine and was stuck in a very low res mode such that I couldn't see or access one or two of the important controls

mrfxit, May 9, 11:40am
Has it always been super reliable as a portable app.
Does it carry it's own generic raid drivers

king1, May 9, 12:04pm
maybe used it 20ish times and only once had the above problem.

I always do the image backup/restore to a network drive (backup, peace of mind etc), as against direct cloning, and i couldn't vouch for Raid capability, haven't needed to as yet

mrfxit, May 9, 1:07pm
Great info thanks.
All good questions to ask Macrium

namtak, May 11, 3:03pm
Acronis True Image is the one I use. Can be run from a CD so no installation required. Also quite quick - about 8 minutes on average.

black-heart, May 11, 10:01pm
Depends on the end goal. I like paragons tools and not having to boot from some slow as hell boot environment.

mrfxit, May 12, 9:22am
End goal is to boot from usb or CD, (depends on the computer) locate both hdd's & clone . done.
Would need to be able to handle std bios's / raid systems & UEFI bios's

Don't have the time or patience to retest a clone to make sure it held ok.

yendor, May 12, 1:16pm
This may be worth trying

exwesty, May 12, 6:22pm
No software required, just make sure you put the drives in the right slots.


emmerson1, May 12, 11:15pm
I have always used PING ( Ping is not Ghost). It looks clunky but gets the job done.


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