New Laptop alot slower

racex, Aug 6, 8:45pm
I've been using my Lenovo E330 for 6 years. It's got Windows 7 Pro and has i3 2370M CPU 2.4 GHz with 4GB Ram. It is quite fast and loads a standard Trademe page in 1 to 2 seconds.
Last week I bought a brand new Lenovo E480. Windows 10 Pro and i7 8550U CPU 2.0 GHz with 8GB Ram and 256G-SSD. It takes about 3 to 5 seconds to open a Trademe page then a further 8 seconds to open the main image.
Can anyone see why the new laptop is alot slower? Your reasons will be much appreciated.

suicidemonkey, Aug 6, 8:55pm
Is it slow to load programs or is it slow to load websites?

There's a big difference between the computer running slow and the internet running slow.

nice_lady, Aug 6, 8:58pm
Are you using the same browser?

racex, Aug 6, 9:10pm
Yeah both laptops would open word docs at the same speed. I currently have them side by side for instant comparison. At the same time the new is definitely slower on the web and get little buffers a bit on youtube

racex, Aug 6, 9:12pm
On Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge. I have loaded and using Google Chrome

suicidemonkey, Aug 6, 9:18pm
Sounds like an internet connection issue, there's no way the laptop itself with those specs would be slower.

Are you using wifi?

Is it still slow when you plug it into your router directly?

If not, I'd look at removing and updating your wifi drivers from the Lenovo website.

loud_37, Aug 6, 9:24pm
It may be downloading updates in the background slowing the browser down.

suicidemonkey, Aug 6, 9:47pm
Good point

mrfxit, Aug 6, 10:12pm
Yep good point or uploading those same up dates to someone else.
MS's cheat update server system, use your customers computers instead of your own to dish out common updates

racex, Aug 6, 10:15pm
Thanks for your advice. Yes, I used an ethernet cable direct to the router and turned off wifi. And yes, that's now got excellent speed.

suicidemonkey, Aug 6, 10:16pm
Seems like a pretty smart idea to me lol. Plus it's dead simple to turn off if you don't like it.

lythande1, Aug 7, 7:55am
1)Is it the same browser?
2)Is it refurbished? Clear the cache etc from browser
3)What is running in background, being Win10, giant updates no doubt.

nice_lady, Aug 7, 8:24am
Refurbished ? With that cpu - i7 8550U CPU.

I'd guess brand new.

ianab, Aug 7, 8:47am
Security software like Mcafee or Norton running on the new machine?

Those analyse any page you load looking for malicious scripts and malware, and that can really slow down the loading of a complex page.

nice_lady, Aug 7, 9:32am
Not sure what the OP means by 'main image'.

suicidemonkey, Aug 7, 11:05am
OP said when plugged in via ethernet the speed is excellent. So probably a wifi issue.

nice_lady, Sep 29, 3:41am
Oh yeah missed that.

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