Files moved or missing

sally63, Aug 16, 3:27pm
Hmm I am most concerned as when I go into my downloads., it states 'files are moved or missing" and I am not able to access them at all. Is this able to be rectified as they are important files?

nice_lady, Aug 16, 3:35pm
You or someone has deleted them ?

sally63, Aug 16, 3:38pm
No not that I know of

gyrogearloose, Aug 16, 3:48pm
Does your computer run Windows? Are you seeing this problem when you use Windows Explorer and click on the "Downloads" folder, or, are you seeing this problem when using a browser and opening the Downloads history (on Chrome the download history is accessed by pressing Ctrl+J).

sally63, Aug 16, 3:58pm
Yes, Windows. I click on the downloads folder and all my downloads come up. Photos are ok but all music files and documents are marked 'moved or missing'

nice_lady, Aug 16, 4:46pm
So. If you have some idea of the name of any of those files run a search through the computer for them. For instance if you've got a pic 'Aunty flo.jpg' moved or missing do a search for that through the computer.

sally63, Aug 16, 6:06pm
Ok I'll give that a go.Thank you. Just wondering why this has happened.

nice_lady, Aug 16, 6:11pm
Hard to say but I will state that files don't get moved or deleted without user input.

amuso, Aug 16, 8:59pm
Begs the question "Why keep important files, or any files, in the Downloads folder?".

kevymtnz, Aug 16, 9:12pm
try name the music with an ending like .mp3 eg
Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing.mp3

amuso, Aug 16, 9:21pm
What if it is saved as - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.mp3

king1, Aug 16, 9:40pm
it might be the libraries functionality is broke

you can use wildcards in your search eg *.jpg or *.mp3

sally63, Aug 16, 9:43pm
Thanks Peeps. Most appreciated on all counts

amuso, Aug 16, 10:01pm
Has Windows been re-installed? If the files were in sub-folders off Downloads, accessed by shortcuts from the Downloads folder it is possible Downloads is still there, with the shortcuts, but the sub-folders are gone, including the files. Haven't had much to do with installs for a long time. Can't remember what stays and what goes. I just know to put everything I want to keep in Documents/lotsofsubfolders, and back them up to memory stick or portable drive. Too old to like the cloud.

advantage2000, Aug 16, 10:22pm
It's also quite possible that while you have set the download folder as your default folder for pictures etc, you might have set another folder as the default folder for music/videos etc. I have specified different folders for a download destination so I don't have to double-handle files. If you're using Firefox or Chrome - check your settings.

amuso, Aug 16, 10:39pm
Good thought! I am old school. Everything set to Always Ask!

mr-word, Sep 21, 10:00am
It happens if you move the downloaded files to another directory, delete them or the were quarantined by an antivirus program.

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