My keyboard on my laptop is not working! iv

katybaty, Apr 8, 12:11pm
turned it off and on again. i havnt spilt anything on it and i dont have any compressed air to blow in it. the cursor is working but no letters come out so i googles on the desktop and are using the "onscreen" keyboard, which works but it does take a bit to get used to. i havnt been brave enough to take out the battery yet, cause knowing me i will even stuff that up. i dont know how to install drivers, so is it a 'easy" fix for a techy person and how many dollars roughly would be looking at. thanks.

edited to say, I put this in general but no one answering me.

king1, Apr 8, 12:33pm
do a restart for starters. if your off/on was via the power button its not usually a proper off/on

katybaty, Apr 8, 12:36pm
sorry I forgot to add I did the restart thing three times in desperation.

r.g.nixon, Apr 8, 12:41pm
As a temporary bypass of the problem, plug in an external keyboard (USB).

katybaty, Apr 8, 12:44pm
omg, please don't laugh, so that means if I unplug my desktop one and that works we can eliminate the problem?

nice_lady, Apr 8, 1:13pm
Well it's a 'work around' it won't remove or repair the original problem but it'll give you a real keyboard to use.

Edit: You may or may not need to restart the computer after you plug in the keyboard in order for it to be recognized.

katybaty, Apr 8, 1:27pm
ok. thanks. I will leave that solution for today cause I can still use the desktop. I was just wondering more what someone would charge if it was a more complicated thing to fix, like a driver or something like that , that is way beyond me.

boby11, Dec 26, 7:49am
Probably the plug for the keyboard has come loose inside and needs pushing back in,my friends one did that when it was dropped

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