Spam mail on Apple devices

footplate1, Apr 4, 8:57am
Has anyone permanently solved the exclusion of spam on their ipads and iphones? Almost every day, I flag and junk mail from the same addresses. And, even though I use iCloud, I have to do it on both devices.

And going into SPARK's web mail and treating them as spam no longer works. T

I went into the Apple Support group and have not had useful advice.


vtecintegra, Apr 4, 10:05am
You need to switch to an email provider that does a better job of filtering. Trying to do it in the client never works very well.

footplate1, Apr 5, 5:34pm
A different issue. Given I use iCloud, when I mark spam on one device, why does it not delete from the other?

vtecintegra, Apr 5, 6:29pm
As far as I know iCloud can?

gammelvind, Apr 5, 7:16pm
Using both iPhone and iPad as well as iCloud but only using gmail, no spam issues, I think your problems are Spark related.

footplate1, Apr 6, 8:12am
I think you may be right. I also delete /spam in my web mail. And the rubbish still repeats.

gammelvind, Dec 26, 9:52pm
Yes my mother is with xtra and regularly has spam issues.

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